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Established in 1975, the Green Valley Fire District provides a wide variety of protection and emergency services to a suburban and rural area of more than 50,000 constituents.  Read more about us.

Nurse Practitioner Answering Calls with GVFD Crews

On call

Green Valley Fire Department

Cynthia “Cigi” Smith (second from right) is GVFD’s new Family Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner now accompanies Green Valley Fire District crews on medical-aid calls in a program believed to be the first in the nation.

The recently launched Fire-Based Urgent Medical Services Program is a culmination of years of work that began in earnest after Acting Battalion Chief Dan Modrzejewski found in his master’s degree studies that up to 25 percent of residents who called 911 didn’t require emergency care. With no alternative, the patients often were taken by ambulance to Tucson hospitals, an unnecessary and costly expense.  Click to read the entire article.

 Smoke Alarm Battery Replacement Program

The Green Valley Fire Corps will now change your residential smoke alarm batteries every year, by appointment for a $20 annual fee. Telephone 520.393.7505 to register.

View or print our SABP Program document.

Residential Lock Boxes

Residential key boxes are designed to be a secure method of allowing District firefighters to access to your home via a key box, when you can not open your own door or in the event of a critical emergency at your residence when you not at home.

Contact the Fire Prevention office 520.625.9438 (option #5)  for details. Additional information is in the Lockbox tab of the “Prevention” Menu at the top of this page or you can print the details here.